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In a casual family nudity environment, closed doors are practically non existent.

An open door policy provides an environment prone to healthy growing up.

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I think the 'sexiest' we may have got was when my former roommate and I were both EXHAUSTED and both desperately wanted a shower before going to sleep.

We both looked at each other and said, "Would it be weird if we just showered together? Crowning quote in response to that questions was, "I don't see why it would be.

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In fact, I've been quite insecure in the past, yet girl friend boob time has always seemed natural to me. I have some very fat lady friends also who have no issue showing tit around the house. I would hazard a guess that fit attractive girls have no problem being naked around each other, but fat ugly girls would want to bundle up and hide their shame. It's the same way some males never go to the sauna with others because they think their genitalia is too small.

(I'm Asian and it's very normal to go to the bath house with your buddies, get completely naked and scrub each other clean.

No more fear of uncertainty of puberty because everyone is able to help each other about our bodies, their use and purpose.

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