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Because they’re sort of walking that romance of ‘will they, won’t they? So he’s not quite somebody yet that she can turn to when she needs help.And her mother’s totally off her rocker, so I think that’s part of what pushes the story — in who does she turn to for help? Donna, that it really is one of the things that she works so well with her patients in therapy.

Because there’s a spirit about her that fills up the entire page. Dani on the show doesn’t know anything about football either — she’s sort of thrust into this life.

Which then makes it that much easier to go ahead and get in front of the camera and try to tell her story. I will say that I’m a Patriots fan because I’m from Boston and I love watching the games. So I am getting to know a lot more about football and I find it fascinating.

I think that’s what I thought was going to be so hard and it wasn’t. I think what’s hard for me is she’s a therapist, but because she’s a different kind. Sometimes it’s hard for me, as Callie, not to play her even more maternal, in terms of the comfort level. If they’re crying, don’t you just want to hug them? I have a heart, you know.’ But I think that’s an interesting challenge in the show, for me. So I was very nervous about being number one on the call-sheet for a change.

It’s hard for me remember that there still is a boundary between the therapist and the client. In terms of RESCUE ME and seven seasons of watching Denis Leary be a master number one on the call-sheet, and it was kind of like a master class, I didn’t realize what I was soaking up from him.

At first, I was scrambling a little bit because I wanted to be able to be overly prepared as I am in my other jobs and that’s an ass-kicker. But I found that I kind of thrive on it and I love shooting scenes of Episode 4, but at lunch I’m studying scenes for Episode 5.

I’m very good at sort of compartmentalizing all of it.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the script and read it in the first place.

Because, to me, that automatically means that a story’s going to be that much more rich and that much more layered — especially in the writing room.

Taking a page out of the successful television playbook, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS introduces viewers to an exclusive world where the rich and powerful play and where they can stumble into some thorny predicaments if they do not keep their game face on and cannot keep their head in the game – whether the game is competitive sports, politics, the news room, on a race track or in a boardroom.

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