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The artist commented at the time: “I have never seen such a magnificent arrangement of line, light, and mass, and yet those were the last things the engineers though of. A talented artist and self-promoter of the first order, Frances Benjamin Johnston made a place for herself and paved the way for other women in the emerging field of photojournalism when she began making portraits and photographs for magazines and newspapers in 1889. He also included photographs of black businesses, churches, homes, and communities that defied the stereotypical images held by many white Americans. Featured here are two authors represented in the bibliography, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, who once worked at the Library, and William Wells Brown.

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Though the huggable “Teddy bear” was named after him, Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919), who served as the president of the United States 19, strove for a life that embodied his ideal of assertive masculinity.

Photographs of The Hampton Institute for display in Paris at the World’s Exposition in 1900 form one of Johnston’s most famous photojournalism assignments. On May 7, the workers asked for lower rent and were flatly refused.

Forty of the 150 photographs she produced in December 1899 appeared in the April 1900 issue of This seal, designed by Julia Bracken Wendt, features a woman in armor with a shield marked “Victory” taking the hand of a mother with babe in arms. Du Bois to inform the masses the progress made by the American Negro from emancipation to the present day 1900. These four unique volumes are titled Types of American Negroes (volumes 1-3) and Negro Life in Georgia (volume 4). The American Railway Union was formed and led by Eugene V. By June 26, railroad workers around the country began to strike.

Using her parents’ social connections and her own talent and initiative, Johnston earned the title “The American Court Photographer” by photographing the administrations of Presidents Harrison, Cleveland, Mc Kinley, Roosevelt, and Taft between 18. All buildings, homes, and stores in the town were owned and rented to the workers.

President Theodore Roosevelt’s children Quentin and Archie provided some of her most appealing photo opportunities. By 1894, the Pullman Company had declining sales and lay off hundreds of workers, and reduced the salaries of others.

After the revolt and Panama’s declaration of independence, Roosevelt claimed he amended the message to comport with the new political reality. , which featured articles such as this recording of Standard Oil’s predatory pricing tactics and political corruption in Minneapolis. Du Bois began work on a display for the Exhibit of American Negroes at the 1900 Paris Exposition.

The Guard Gate at Gatun Lock is one of a series of lithographs made in 1912 during the construction of the Panama Canal by American printmaker Joseph Pennell. Theodore Roosevelt tagged such writers “muckrakers” after John Bunyan’s man with a muckrake, who raked up “filth.” These exposés led to social and economic reforms during the Progressive Era. 1926 (42.7) Digital ID# ppmsca-08762 On December 28, 1899, sociologist W. Du Bois focused on creating charts, maps, and graphs recording the growth of population, economic power, and literacy among African Americans in Georgia. Murray, assistant to the Librarian of Congress, was asked to assemble written material, including a bibliography of 1400 titles, 200 books, and many of the 150 periodicals published by black Americans.

After the war, Glackens’ concentrated on his art, gaining renown as a member of what came to be known as the “Ashcan School” of American painters. Colombia controlled the Isthmus, but a Panamanian revolt in 1903 enabled the Theodore Roosevelt administration to begin the canal’s construction in earnest.

The Panama Canal traverses the Isthmus of Panama, shortening the route between U. The story behind the revolt is clouded, but Roosevelt asserts in this letter that his original message justified American intervention on the basis of international law. This is the Wonder of Work.” This print is from the nearly complete collection of his work that the artist bequeathed to the Library of Congress.

On February 14, 1884, Theodore Roosevelt received a terrible blow-both his wife and mother died within hours of one another in the Roosevelt house in New York City.

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