Bukharian dating site

If recent BBC coverage is anything to go by, marriage in South Korea is like a business.

So why do those women abandon them pretty faces and big dicks to come to Korea then~?

This site was originally posted as a text-only linkpage, where I could catalog mp3-bearing sites I found worthwhile (since my modem and I found Limewire frustrating after Napster collapsed), and hopefully share them with visitors to my portfolio site.

Music (for Robots) Fat Planet Soul Sides Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes Totally Fuzzy Cake and Polka Parade Knobtweakers The Essential Ghoul's Record Shelf Space Debris Prancehall Crud Crud Garage Hangover Naija Jams Strange Reaction Amp Noise Shortwavemusic Both Kinds of Music Wyrd, Wisconsin Chasradio Phil Musical's Lounge These bloggers almost always link to countless other blogs (filesharing and otherwise), so happy hunting.

Little surprise WFMU's Beware of the Blog should blow most other music blogs out of the water with its vast curiosity-cabinet of unusual recordings.

You can check out the Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List, which is quite expansive, subjective and still active.

--EC Brown 12.2007 Epitonic was a godsend after originally trudging through the great trash heap known as MP3As my stats for this page climbed (400-600 visitors per day, at its peak), I was invigorated to spend idle moments scouring the Web, and finding links that could justify new categories (like "Orthodox/Coptic").I enjoyed the evenings where I would gaze at my handiwork with a glass of wine, tweaking oldschool HTML border-colors and table-cell widths, and breezily dismissing visitor-submitted links.Connected to this minor TV phenomena is the wider gender politics that often recalls widespread plastic surgery, sexual violence, courting for marriage, an obsession with luxury goods, online pornography, the business of dowry, changing sexual mores, relationships with foreign men, and clubbing culture, to name but a few.To this ever-expanding front-line of the cultural war within South Korea, multicultural marriages and foreign housewives looks set to be an increasingly important topic.The growing presence of foreigners in South Korea generates many a conflicting opinion on the Korean internet, and some of the themes broadcast by the Korean media during Chusoek last week were a timely reminder of this diversification in marriage partner selection.

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