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And Captain Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn) is the boldest of the Sea Hawks, responsible for capturing and destroying more than 50 Spanish ships and ten Spanish cities.His capture of a Spanish galleon, however, leads to more than he bargained for, in a romance with the ambassador's niece (Brenda Marshall) and the first whiff of a plan to put Spanish spies into the court of Elizabeth I (Flora Robson).

Instead of Jim Hawkins, the film offers Jim's beautiful female descendant Jamesina (Dawn Addams), who manages to get her hands on Captain Flint's fabled treasure map.

This makes Jamesina the target of a variety of scurrilous fortune-hunters, including phony archeologist Harris (Porter Hall) and the malevolent, sightless Newman (James Seay).

The hero is Guernsey-Island smuggler Gilliat (Rock Hudson); the heroine is glamorous British spy Drouette (Yvonne de Carlo).

Set during the Napoleonic wars, the plot finds Gilliat and Drouette trying to outsmart one another for the first few reels.

Milton Sills stars as Sir Oliver Tressilien, a wealthy English baronet who is framed for the murder of his fiance's brother.

The instigator of this outrage is Sir Tressilien's covetous half brother, who also arranges for Tressilien to be shanghaied and carried off to sea.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Released: 1985Made in: USALength: 324 Minutes Rated: TVFormat: Color Language: English Genre: Adventure, TV miniseries (6 part), Disney PK's Rating: Synopsis: Set a decade after the events of the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, this series, produced by the Disney Channel, details the exploits of a reunited Jim Hawkins (Christopher Guard) and Long John Silver (Brian Blessed).Volume One contains the episodes "The Map" and "The Mutiny." ~ Jason Ankeny, All Movie Guide Released: 1992Made in: USALength: 50 Minutes Rated: NRFormat: Color Language: English Genre: Animated, Adventure PK's Rating: Synopsis: Robert Louis Stevenson's timeless adventure is resurrected in this British-produced animated sequel.Eventually his feelings of friendship turn to love and this in turn leads to tragedy when she falls in love with a French naval officer.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide Released: 1973Made in: USALength: 93 Minutes Rated: GFormat: Color Language: English Genre: Action, Adventure PK's Rating: Synopsis: In this exciting adventure, based on a tale by Robert Louis Stevenson and shot in Yugoslavia, a one-legged pirate must rely on the memory of a boozy, uncooperative parrot if he is to find the location of a tremendous treasure.When his ship is attacked by Spaniards, Tressilien is put to work as a galley slave.

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