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There were days he was so drunk that filming had to shut down.

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Their romance had turned the set of Sabrina Fair into a battlefield with both of them loathed by Humphrey Bogart, the book reveals. He ridiculed Hepburn’s English accent and said that her acting was fine “if you like to do 36 takes”.

Bogart invited cast and crew to his dressing room for drinks – except for Audrey and Holden, calling them “b******s”.

One night he climbed a tree leading to her dressing room window, kissing her when she leaned out to see him.“Bill, stop that! Driven by her desire for another child Hepburn had an affair with a Spanish prince and again miscarried.

She finally divorced Ferrer and six weeks later married aristocratic Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.

Hepburn was the Belgian born, British-raised, Dutch baroness’s daughter and Holden was the son of a teacher and a chemist and first teamed up with an ageing Humphrey Bogart for the love triangle movie Sabrina Fair.

Hepburn found Holden “the most handsome man I’ve ever met” and they were soon inseparable meeting secretly in his dressing room, at picnics and private dinners. But at 44 Holden was 11 years her senior, married with three children and a legendary drinking problem.But Audrey suffered a stillbirth and a miscarriage after falling from a horse before finally having her first son Sean in 1960.Learning of her husband’s frequent infidelities, in revenge she had an affair with screenwriter Robert Anderson, ironically while filming his movie The Nun’s Story.Audrey Hepburn wept bitterly when William Holden revealed that he could not give her children.She was Hollywood royalty, a real-life baroness and fine-boned beauty who exuded elegance and grace in Roman Holiday, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady.After Bogart accused Holden of being drunk on set the brawling co-stars had to be pulled apart by the crew.

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