Bob jones university dating rules garmin nuvi 250 updating gps firmware

There was an urban legend that the school had a stockpile of weapons hidden in the tunnels underground dating back to the 60s, just in case the hippies attacked.

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Hey, this is a couple months old but I ran a quick search on BJU since I noticed some threads posted here on Reddit...

I thought it was interesting to see that someone posted on reddit about the place, anyhow, I actually graduated in 2000 from BJU and was there from 1996-2000 and was curious who you are? I was a business major, art minor and I was the only asian dude to graduate in the class of 2000Congrats on making it through. I was there 97-99 and was a radio/tv major and biz minor and in Nu Delta Chi.

They even have the Internet and students can have cell phones, although I suspect there are pretty good filters on things.

I guess what I meant is that the more rules there are, the more boundaries there are.

Yet Bob Jones is encouraging its students to accept constant, domineering, overbearing attention and supervision from parental-surrogate authority figures that have only vague justification for the right to be delving into the particulars of personal lives that specifically anyway. Having so many rules does allow you to test boundaries easily without actually doing any harm.

But, as mentioned, many of those rules have gone away.

Do not purchase additional anti-virus software for student computers.

Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition is the only anti-virus software that may be used in the Residence Halls; any other anti-virus software must be removed prior to intalling Symantec. So if I attended this college, not only would I be paying them for the privilege of attending (and numerous other autonomous right challenging restrictions), but I would also be paying extra so that they can dictate as to what anti-virus software I can and cannot use.

I don't think they would remove anyone from campus unless you were causing a scene.

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