Best guide to online dating ebook

But the sad fact is that they will NEVER tell you them - because if they told you, it would be like they were giving away insider stock trading information. If you're struggling, you'll get the information you need to improve and massively change your dating success.There's a secret silence among women to protect this information from getting out to guys. If you're moderately successful, you'll get the tips and tactics that will put you into the top percentile of men who get any woman they want.

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Now I am finding that the best way is to keep a wide focus on many opportunities until the RIGHT one for an exclusive relationship comes along. You can see more light and more details of the stars when you DON'T focus on them.

My life is changing for the better now, 3 years after ending a 20 year marriage and your books and podcasts have helped. - The Alpha Rules is your first step in a complete instructional system designed to put men on a path towards personal power, career success and total confidence with women.

Definitely, a must have for every aspiring communicator or Alpha Man!

" - Carlos, thanks for a great book, full of motivation and ways and means.

After all, it's hard to be suave and charmismatic when you're shaking and sweating and stumbling and bumbling.

If you get nervous around women, the info in this chapter could save you from a lifetime of misery. What's the point of doing all the hard work to find and charm and seduce an awesome woman, if it's just going to end up in heartbreak – when she dumps you.

We went through years of research, conducted years of psychological analysis, years of assimilating the experiences of other successful men into what you're about to read.

"Carlos Xuma's new book is a breath of fresh air in the often overwhelming world of Seduction/Self Help. Xuma and Cortez revealed almost every 'secret' and concept that is taught in their fantastic workshops (I had the honor to work with Carlos Xuma 1-on-1).

It is enabling me to recognize certain aspects of my current ways of thinking that have been impediments in the past to happiness and satisfaction with relationships.

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