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This season traveled many places including Montana, the Canadian province of Alberta, St.Croix in the United States Virgin Islands and Thailand.

I also learned that the South is full of teen fast food workers very eager to leave [as in: where you guys going? a: no, but thanks] and alligator tastes like an old boot.) When I get to the college times material, there will likely be a road trip short about that.

You can imagine who we met up with in a certain southern college town (the one, I mean, in the peach-themed state), and the story he has to tell.

(Spoiler alert: Walter's bbq had closed down.) What happens when we reach our destination?

Lowe placed third as a contestant during the eighth season of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard.

:) So I have a new/old source for certain goings on in Africa and the Arab world, including the mideast to Hollywood dancing boy pipeline: this is my most recent twitter follower - a certain senior foreign correspondent, and mideast bureau chief during the aughts.

(More than 20% of my high school graduating class went to the same college, including her.

[Okay, so it was just two people, out of twelve...] We made the transcon journey together, in her playboy dad's luxury sedan, along with an extremely large trunk full of apparently secret belongings [I wasn't allowed to look inside].

We were denied lodging in Alabama because we weren't married [maybe, I guess, shoulda stopped in Vegas ].

In addition to the 25 new contestants, the premier revealed one mystery woman, bringing the total to 26.

Paige Vigil, a "superfan" from the third season of Bachelor Pad is included in the list.

Boguskie had met and befriended Lowe outside of the show and host Chris Harrison invited her back for a shot via a meet-and-greet with the bachelor—after the 25 ladies arrived at the mansion.

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