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Their engagement proposal was more of a fantasy, Christian carving ‘Will You Marry Me’ in a pumpkin for which Ana response with ‘Yes’.

They held an intimate wedding ceremony while on a trip and later organized yet another wedding and this time it was public having TYT co-host Cenk Uygur as a guest.

With passing time, she became conscious of English learning it swiftly watching television especially Sesame Street, educational TV series, which came as a great help for Ana.

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It has been over two years since Ana’s blissful marriage with Christian Lopez, a baseball player in the minor league, model, and actor.

The couple had briefly dated each other prior to getting eloped instead of a public ceremony after an open engagement.

Ana Kasparian is undeniably one of the gorgeous television faces to the date.

With an impish facial structure, mesmerizing eyes and sweet smile, she is an absolute stunner and the obsession of national audience.

Topics typically include domestic and foreign politics, media criticism, technology and social commentary on the news of the day.

On September 25, 2013, Iadarola revealed on air that he was an atheist.Her familial grandparents who experienced Armenian genocide in 1915 had emigrated from Armenia to LA and since then they resided in the city.Quick Info: Growing up in Armenian clan at Reseda, she was unacquainted of English lingo throughout childhood, attending the Kindergarten without learning a word of English.Alongside co-anchor Cenk Uygur, she began to break news on the emerging political issues, pop culture, and lifestyle in the states as well as across the globe.Signed as a marketing manager initially, the show’s theme to expose the dissident against societal outlooks impressed Ana and she ended up covering on-air segments.On the completion of bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Ana made her way to the desk of an assistant producer at hometown based CBS affiliated radio news station initially KFWB succeeded by KNX.

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