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In the last six months, Beijing has issued new regulations to crackdown on unwholesome programs like time-travel dramas, spy shows, and licentious reality TV.Western performers, however, are evidently still welcome.

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Rachel De Woskin, 40, an American writer with curly hair and pouty lips, was working in public relations in Beijing during the 1990s when she stumbled into stardom as the sultry character Jiexie in the hit sitcom, “Foreign Babes in Beijing.”For those trying to make it big, being fluent in Mandarin is certainly a plus—but by no means essential.

And playing the token outsider on can be lucrative, by Chinese standards.

Other contestants were more frivolous, asking for money to build a toilet seat in cars that can convert urine into drinking water.

Though he sometimes struggled to connect with the audience, Hogue’s response to the latter request was a crowd-pleaser:“In America, we think of things as very simple,” he said. But in China, even something as simple as urinating is complicated.”When it comes to reality TV, toilet humor is apparently universal.

According to some reports, foreign actors often earn more than their local counterparts, by as much as 50 percent.

Hogue, for instance, received the same salary as his co-hosts, 800RMB per episode—about 0.

The number of expats in China has surged, with over 70,000 Americans living in China, according the latter’s 2010 census, plus an additional 60,000 living in Hong Kong.

But the trend also has to do with loosening restrictions in the country.

Mike Yao, associate professor of media and communications at the City University of Hong Kong, says the country’s media industry has become more lax in recent years.

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