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Donald Trump just hired Bill Shine, who was forced out of Fox News in the aftermath of sexual harassment scandals there.

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Everyone who worried that the #Me Too movement had gone too far can breathe a sigh of relief.

It turns out that even if there’s very credible evidence that a man is complicit in sexual harassment and degradation, he can still work at the apex of American politics.

Last week Trump made a gross, sexually demeaning joke about a female senator, but most of the public seemed too exhausted to make a fuss.

Amid the flood of personal stories of sexual coercion that has marked the #Me Too movement, we learned how often people — particularly women — will submit to sex they don’t want because men wear them out with entitled demands.

It is about to appoint a Supreme Court justice who will, among other things, probably end Roe v. It is simply impossible, with Trump’s onslaught of indecency, to maintain pre-Trump standards.

That may be why Jordan believes he can brazen out his own sex scandal.

Early in their relationship, Ailes allegedly filmed Luhn dancing in a garter and stockings, then used the footage as leverage.

In the years that followed, she performed sexual favors for Ailes — in addition to career help, she sometimes received hard cash in exchange — and, at his insistence, recruited other young women for him to prey on.

Another former Fox employee, Julie Roginsky, sued Fox News, Ailes and Shine last year, claiming that she’d been denied opportunities at work for turning down Ailes’s sexual advances, and that she was further punished for refusing to malign the former Fox personality Gretchen Carlson, who had sued Ailes for sexual harassment.

Shine, said the suit, “aided and abetted Ailes’s acts of retaliation and harassment.” (Fox settled.)Plagued by scandal, Shine resigned in May 2017.

But thanks to Trump, the American people are now paying his salary.

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