Albanian men dating american women

I am from Albania, but have lived and been educated in Greece and the US.

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Albanian men dating american women

The village shop of the film looks like village shops in reality.

First and foremost, the actors do not speak standard Albanian, as it is often the case in Albanian movies, but instead speak the Kosovar dialect of Albanian.“Burrërisht” is an Albanian adverb, which is used in order to characterize a brave action.

The German writer Ernst Jünger once remarked “there is a certain level of oppression which is conceived as liberty”.

This sentence is also valid for Kosovar women, who have grown up in which only men have the final word.

is a film with a density of smoker-scenes that seeks its equal.

That does not happen coincidentally: There is indeed an Albanian men-to-men smoking ceremony in order for the man to honour his equals.The only person in the film who really acts “burrërisht” – in the sense of fighting for the truth – is Lushe, a a taciturn movie.Through the combination of silence and few but serious words – mostly about rape – Isa Qosja creates a sense of shamefacedness, which accompanies the whole film.It is based on one of the greatest artistic motives: being guilty without being guilty.Furthermore, judging by how Kosovars treat raped women, Qosja unveils the problems of his society, which is male-dominated and often oppresses women.The asceticism of the interior furnishings and the yawning void of Gur reinforce this gloomy atmosphere.

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