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This forum (and the Internet in general) is a lot like talk radio in that 99% tune in and say nothing, and maybe 1% actually contribute.Chaser is one of the most vocal ones, although if you check the Reviews section, there have been at least 7 others who have written reviews about Elite Pain/Mood Pictures vids, including...

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I've already said multiple times now I'm only going to review movies I love. Notwithstanding your questionable ethics in using private exchanges to get some kind of upper hand, I can't complain all that much, as I've already stated publicly that (though I've graded none higher than an A-) I too prefer to review films I enjoy. If you continue to review only films you think merit an A or A , that's fine with me.

So like a true mental patient, you're now going to revert again to telling me how I need to start reviewing bad movies. Howie: Now you're resorting to digging up personal correspondence to prove a point that has nothing to do with this… It really doesn't matter, but you've become so goddamned defensive about it that I can't help pulling your chain.

In my opinion, setting the bar high is to everyone's benefit. If I'm wrong (I don't trust my middle-age memory these days), I will say that this scene was truly memorable. He's done beatings before; right off the bat, I can think of Penelope Pace in and Joe Marx gave her a severe beating, over and over to the face and stomach.

That was one of the few times when he actually bloodied his victim...a practice that received a bit of negative feedback on the forum when it was released.

For a moment I thought it was you, but then I remembered you'd lost weight since… But before I begin, let me state that I don't like Miley Cyrus. Anyway, it struck me unusual that I had a rather kinky dream about her last night. Especially so since I really never give her any mind to start with.

So when I awoke, I got a bit curious, so did a search, and found she just did a video that was a bit bondage themed. For you to show what a whack job you are who keeps saying the same things over and over? Mine is only that there seems to be a glut of high grades.

However, unlike our own Roger Ebert, who dispenses A s like a Santa throwing candy canes, I believe the top mark should be awarded only on the rarest of occasions. So I guess Santa only threw out one candy cane in his life then?

I have not written many reviews, but of those I have, several were about my favorites videos, yet none have scored higher than an A-. As we've so clearly established, multiple times at this point, and again only a few posts down, I've only given one A to Deadly interrogation 3. Jhhess, I feel like I'm talking to someone with Alzheimers at this point... Chase that imaginary point you keep making Commenting on a few recent posts... Love the pose, love the expression, and I love the choices she's given...which way do you wanna get shocked? ----------------------------- A Canadian wrote: The highlight of the film, by far, is the part where Candle gets punched and slapped around... I could be mistaken, but this looked like something new for Rick.

Up until recently, I hadn't seen that many of your offerings, but I'm a recent convert.

So there's at least two, and very likely many more.

To their credit, most of the producers say go ahead and write the honest review, although a few have gotten mad at me afterward and one even threatened me via e-mail and then on the forum. If I had been the one to review it, I might have awarded an A to South of the Border 4: Atrocities.

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