Adult friendship cams

We’ve all had those friends who are strictly “party friends” – people with whom it’s fun to get a bit wild and sloppy, but who we rarely talk to on any other occasion.

With a mature best friend, you have actual, meaningful conversations about both of your lives, your families, your feelings.

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But with grown-ass best friends — whether you have one amazing best friend, or a whole kickass posse of BFFs — you know that you have someone on your side whom you can trust, who will support you no matter what stupid mistakes you make, and with whom you can talk about pretty much anything. Here’s how grown up friends are different from those still stuck in high school (mentally, if not physically): With grown-ass friends, trust is paramount.

You know that you can tell them anything, and they won’t judge you or blab sensitive information to anyone else.

(I say “best friends,” plural, because – as we all know from Mindy Lahiri – “A best friend isn’t a person, Danny.

It’s a tier.”) With immature friends, you have a good time, sure, but you also spend way too much energy dealing with unnecessary angst.

The tricky thing is that not everyone grows up at the same rate (hell, not everyone grows up at all), so sometimes you can find yourself with friends who are still bogged down in high school-esque silliness when you’ve already done your very best to get away from all that.

Having mature, supportive best friends is a wonderful thing.

Look, I get it: Gossip can be really, really fun, and gossipy people can be a blast to hang out with – as long as they’re not gossiping about you. Having a friend who’s into gossip can be great in the short term, but in the long term, you’ll be asking yourself, “If s/he is so free with sharing other people’s stories and secrets, how can I trust him or her with my problems?

” A mature friend knows how to set boundaries and keep her mouth shut.

(Also, calling "dibs" on a human being, as if he or she were the front seat of a car, is fundamentally ridiculous.)All of the previously mentioned attributes of grown-ass friends add up to one thing: An amazing, strong support system.

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