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Damn still has Pornhub tabs open from back then too! I get that he's not wanting to get into trouble, but really now sir!

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Supposing that you enjoy a girl or a guy you should consider joining and tip using Chaturbate's token system. There is always a group show going on or you can take a girl or guy into a private show.

I am new to this whole online forum thing so I apologize if I ask dumb questions. Starting from before we got married and all throughout the marriage I have found porn off and on however some of the porn has been porn that he has made and some of it non-consensual.

You mentioned the camera, and that made me think the worst.

I know there's non-consent roleplay out there (of course not saying it's all roleplay unfortunately), and I imagine this is why he's lying and "hiding" his porn activities. If so his porn addiction might be holding us all back from time travel.

My wife says that my watching porn is like cheating. It got us to communicate about personal wants again. If the situation is becoming intolerable, it may be a relief.

Hiring a PI (private investigator) to find answers is expensive and only if you were looking for legal ways to find answers and build a case. There are resources and support like COSA or Co-dependents Anonymous.

I have been with my husband for 16 years and married for 13 and we have 3 children.

I only recently found out about the non-consensual stuff.

Confirmed by my bf who is thankfully very open with me about his online activity..have an odd relationship, but that's not the topic.

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