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I guess what I’m saying is that my work with Hem and my work as a composer for theater are complimentary.In fact, I’d say they feed on one another, so that I never feel like I need to balance the two.

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I grew up in Michigan, listening to mom’s extensive collection of cast recordings.

It was always my dream to write for theater, and particularly for Broadway, so obviously getting the chance to make my dream come true was thrilling.

What I love about working in theater is how collaborative it is.

Ultimately, it takes so many talented people to realize a show, not to mention the time it takes to develop a show.

And how does it feel to say goodbye to that — at least for now?

Of course I’m heartbroken that its stay on Broadway was cut short, but I wouldn’t characterize the show as “short-lived.” Considering that we were coming off successful runs in Berkeley and LA, I would say the life of this show is still in the process of unfolding. But I believe the show will continue to find audiences that adore it around the world. I am writing a song cycle based on the 43 chapter titles of “Huck Finn.” I just finished “You Can’t Pray a Lie,” Chapter 33, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Composer Dan Messé recently realized his childhood dreams of writing for Broadway with the playful and poignant Paris-themed musical, “Amélie.” “I met Aaron Harnick, the producer of ‘Amélie,’ at Interlochen National Music Camp way back when we were just kids,” says Messé, 49.

“We dreamed of the day when we would have our own show on Broadway.

It’s too early to know whether or not it will be heading to Broadway. How different is composing for Broadway than writing for your band, Hem?

With Hem, I am allowed to obsess over every single word and note, sometimes taking years to finish an album.

When I’m working, I feel a bit like Micky Mouse in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” It’s tremendously fun to play with this magic, but it’s also a little dangerous since you have to keep your heart wide open and feel all the feelings that you want your songs to convey.

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