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A married woman comes home, looks in the bed, and goes to the fridge.” Susskind received the biggest applause of the night.

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With a host of other settings exemplifying Jewishness, formal schooling was always accompanied by a powerful parallel (or “informal”) system.

It included the neighborhood, the home, communal agencies, and the synagogue; celebrations and holidays, group experiences, mentors, and the daily and yearly calendar.

(5) There is little doubt of the link between a strong commitment to education and perpetuation of Jewish literacy, lifestyle, and peoplehood.

However, schools were not the only contexts in which Jewish education took place.

Our posts include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, Unbelievable But True, and In the News. Fay Susskind, who turned 82 in April, was the picture of confidence.

Petite, in a white dress decorated with pink and red flowers, Susskind joked about the experience of dating at her age: “If anyone has a stray grandfather lying around, and he can drive or has an Uber account, come see me after the show.”And when Fay Susskind stumbled over a punch line, the audience’s encouragement bucked her up and she tried the joke again.

(8) Much of twentieth-century Jewish education was shaped by general education, and unfortunately it repeated this mistaken dichotomy of “formal” versus “informal”, ultimately treating them as separate and distinct domains.

These two worlds developed independently throughout the century, did not always communicate well with each other, and often operated with mutual misunderstanding and suspicion.

(6) There was synergy and consistency between a diverse collection of agencies, all of which educated from a shared perspective.

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