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Thus, innovations can be tested and tweaked earlier in the development process, paving the way for a more successful market launch.

While the article focused on the achievements of Google and other large, established companies, the underlying argument is sound for entrepreneurs and smaller businesses, as well.

Or that Dubai World would need a billion bailout?

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Established companies may lose sight of this as they get bogged down by misguided corporate agendas and shareholder expectations.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have less to prove, and less to lose.

2009 has truly been a year of breakthrough achievements in the Middle East. Who could imagine that the bottom would fall out of the real estate market in most of the Middle East?

Or that unemployment would rise and workers without a stake in the Gulf countries would flee, leaving their debts unpaid?

For new businesses, innovation, especially during tough times, becomes a daily occurrence as they look for unique ways to attract customers and add value.

Some may even have the flexibility to adopt innovative new business models that take them in a completely different direction.

(Hint: it's not the company with fewer employees trained to do one thing that may not even be value-added anymore.)So here is a question for the Middle East. model of bailing out established corporations that are overextended with large-scale risky investments?

Where will you put your money and effort next year? Or should we increase support for entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovators that can make a real difference and also turn a profit?

Yet this is exactly what many established organizations are doing as they slash R&D and training budgets.

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