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Here's a little-known truth about rabid-for-each-other couples: They're always running a post-game recap of their favorite sex-capades.Detail what you love most, and refer back to your sultriest moment often. Celebrate every milestone: the first time you two got it on, the night you mastered Kama Sutra's The Vine position, and the afternoon on a tropical beach when you let the waves surge between your legs.Instead of parking your hands in his hair or on the small of his back, keep your fingertips — with their oh-so-sensitive nerve endings — roaming over his body.

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By now, we all know the frequently asked questions about coaching.

But the $64,000 question remains: What separates the highly successful coaches from the also-rans?

And do good opportunities still exist or is the field glutted and running on empty?

Seeking answers, asked three industry leaders—two of them “mega-coaches”—for the keys to their success. 1: Get a Reality Check Forget those seductive advertisements that promise an instant income of a corporate vice president.

“I’ve met many coaches who do not get results with clients and who should not be coaches, yet they have been trained and certified because somebody told them that coaching is lucrative, try that.” To suburban Washington, DC, coach Lynn Grodzki, LCSW, MCC, the implications are clear: “We need to regard coaching as we would any small start-up business.

If you’re not successful in a therapy business, coaching is no magic pill.” No.A slow, steady exhale makes for more than good yoga: It's the secret behind toe-curling orgasms.But even if you don't know a downward dog from a hot dog, you can still master this momentous-sex must.Here's how: Start with "the." Add an adjective that applies to small animals, such as "frisky." Finish with the name of a wild animal, like "gazelle." Who knows what that means?Remember in high school, when you got a rush from sharing the same cone with a guy?While some practitioners do well, the ICF study found that only 10% of coaches earned 0,000, and these statistical outliers tended to be coaches to Fortune 500 America.

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