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Both Brazil and the USA are big enough and the people are diverse enough to accomodate you and yours, probably.

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In any case, since you asked for it and I love the subject, here is my generalized, biased and skewed opinion to you, Amy. …Serious Courtship In the USA most couples don’t hold hands when they walk around together.

Here, if you don’t, it’s almost as if you are announcing that you are not a couple or you are hiding that relationship because you are ashamed of the other person.

…Intimate Relationships I’d say USA and BR guys are the same in open-“mind”edness for intimacy. I’d say that Brazilian guys feel more confident about a woman’s reputation and her potential for loyalty to him in a serious relationship when the woman does not go to bed on one of the first dates, and is more “traditional” in bed at least in the beginning.

And that the difference is mostly in the consequence of it. So sex on a first date would less often lead to a serious relationship with that woman in Brazil than in the US, where this seems to be accepted as an aspect of being “an independent woman”.

…Engagement By the time it happens with a BR couple, both families most likely already know each other quite well, each person has been “adopted” by the other’s family, the girl is best friends with his mom and the guy hangs out with her dad.

In the USA, that is not necessarily the case at all.

Oh, I could go on and on…hehe But if I may say so, perhaps the most important thing of it all, specially for people involved in many cultures, is for that person to be aware of and loyal to his/her own morals and to look for the people that share those morals.

Knowing how it’s done locally then serves mostly to give you a line to not cross when exposing your own preferences about something in public to a general audience, for a sort of diplomatic safe ground.

who is kind , loyal , honest ,loving, caring, compassionate; patience , warm heart, open minded and who know how to respect others. Even friendship I don't want people who dont have value t..

Hello, my name is Cristina and I live in Ubatuba / Brazil.

Please note that when I say Brazilians or Brazil, I most likely mean people in São Paulo and São Paulo city.

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