Cam express sex web - 1 config files in 39 etc 39 need updating

they are just to let you know what part of the process is happening.

1 config files in 39 etc 39 need updating-76

follow these instructions exactly and in order: do NOT download the auto update package.

I have a console application which has its own App.config.

If you need to change configuration values dynamically you should use some other storage mechanism: file, database, ...

Let's say, I want to modify the "homepagedesc" key at runtime. I would like to point out that experience has told me, we should not put any configuration that intentionally is editable at runtime in the web.config file but instead we should put it in a separate XML file as what one of the users commented below.

The code will be getting deployed to IIS8 on Win2012.

I should mention that I am using IIS7.5 on Windows 7.I need to change some values in section time to time.My problem is, when I execute the exe within the bin/debug folder it gets the relevant appsettings correctly.This being said, the App.config is read and parsed only once. The values are then cached to avoid expensive XML parsing everytime your application requests some value.App.config is designed to store configuration values that are not supposed to be changed.that is what you are doing when you follow the upgrade instructions above.

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